23 Oct 2015

6 Arguments All Couples Have Before They Divorce

No two divorces are alike — but the arguments that lead couples to divorce tend to be, experts say.

Below, marriage therapists share six arguments couples on the verge of divorce usually get into before calling it quits — plus, their best advice for avoiding those fights.

“You take me for granted.”

It’s an all-too-common trajectory for married couples: Fall in love, begin your lives together, then proceed to get comfortable and take everything for granted. San Francisco-based marriage therapist Susan Pease Gadoua sees couples complain about this problem all the time.

“It’s supposed to happen to some degree; it’s a sign that you’re comfortable enough to let your guard down,” she said. “But it can sometimes be misconstrued by your significant other as you not caring as much about him or her.”

To avoid falling into this trap, Pease Gadoua urges couples to watch the assumptions they make about each other. Don’t assume you know what your spouse is thinking or feeling.

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