06 Oct 2015

Billionaire Ken Griffin Is Back in Court Fighting Over His Pre-nup

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Ken Griffin and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin, return to court this week to pick at the scabs on the couple’s disagreement over their pre-nuptial agreement.

Griffin, who amassed his fortune founding and running the hedge fund Citadel, filed for divorce in July 2014, and thus drilled a peephole into the guts of one of the most prominent hedge-fund marriages by disclosing the terms of the pre-nup. Court documents show that the agreement was signed on the eve of their wedding, just before their rehearsal dinner.

After Griffin filed for divorce last summer, Dias Griffin contended that she was coerced into signing the agreement, which she claims would leave her out of potentially “billions of dollars” in assets accrued over the course of their 11-year marriage. Griffin, who was ranked as the top-earning hedge-fund manager last year, is worth an estimated $7 billion.

Under the agreement, as detailed in court documents filed last year in Cook County, Illinois, Dias Griffin was entitled to a lump-sum payment of $22.5 million as soon as the couple was married in 2003. After that, she was to be given $1 million in cash payments for every year of their marriage. Griffin’s filings state that he made those payments throughout the marriage, up until 2013, bringing the total to about $35 million.

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