13 Jul 2017

Legal Custody: Why Does It Matter?

The majority of parents who come through our office are concerned with finding the best physical or residential custody arrangement for their child. Fewer parents consider the importance of legal custody. Physical custody, as you might expect, relates to where the children live. In some situations, parents arrange for joint physical custody, where the children […]

14 Nov 2016

A Child’s Voice: Why Children Should Have An Opportunity To Express Their Views In Court Proceedings

It’s only logical to assume that a child should be given the opportunity to express their views wholeheartedly in children proceedings. However, the important question remains — just how much weight should the words of a child be allotted when making court decisions? Freedom of expression is rarely a part of a children’s rights advocacy, […]

17 Oct 2016

Domestic Violence & Child Custody Myths: These Beliefs Will Hurt Families More Than Help Them

The reality is that many families face domestic violence and child custody issues. In the United States, the statistics stacking up on beating, abuse and confusion among children have grown alarming. The impact of domestic violence can lead to post-traumatic stress that a child could manifest even in adulthood. Why this problem prevails is partly […]

13 Sep 2016

“They Said We Would Pay With Our Lives”

Julia was not yet a teenager when members of Mara Salvatrucha in her small hometown in central El Salvador began to threaten her with sexual assault. Her neighborhood had always felt quiet and safe, she said. But things started to change when she entered fourth grade and her classmates began to join the gang, which […]

08 Sep 2016

Shared Parenting Law Latest News & Updates: Why Child Custody Law Reform Is Happening All Over The US

In the United States, shared parenting has been strongly encouraged. Missouri is the latest state that has passed its shared parenting bill into legislation, where an egalitarian approach to child custody and visitation are highly recommended. Aside from Missouri, the states of South Dakota, Utah and Minnesota have also enacted their own shared parenting or […]

26 Jul 2016

Maryland’s Highest Court Establishes ‘De Facto Parenthood’ in Lesbian Divorce and Custody Case

Maryland’s highest court ruled last week that a lesbian woman now identifying as a transgender man has parental standing to sue for visitation rights to a child her lesbian ex-spouse conceived by artificial insemination before they were legally married. The court overturned its own 2008 decision that recognizing “de facto parents” violated the rights of […]

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