20 Jul 2016

Maryland man pleads guilty in drunk-driving death of Officer Noah Leotta

A Maryland man pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter Wednesday for the drunken-driving death of Montgomery County police officer Noah Leotta, a tragedy that spurred a new state law designed to curb drinking and driving. Luis Reluzco, 47, of Olney, demonstrated little emotion during a 30-minute court hearing in Rockville. He faces a term of up […]

05 Jul 2016

Maryland DUI Interlock case: Offender was at twice legal limit

A Maryland woman released early from prison after killing two people in a 2009 drunken-driving crash was sent back to jail Wednesday after an alcohol-sensing “interlock” device stopped her several times from starting her car. “I don’t know what to do with you. I truly don’t,” an exasperated judge told Kelli Loos, 40, during a […]

05 Jul 2016

Supreme Court Rules Cops Need A Warrant For Blood Test After Drunk-Driving Arrest

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday clarified limits the Constitution places on police officers who seek to measure blood-alcohol level following a drunk-driving arrest. In a fractured ruling that commanded a five-justice majority, the court said police officers need a warrant if they want to test the blood of a motorist who gets pulled […]

10 Jul 2015

Maryland Among Most Lenient States Regarding Drunk Driving

Maryland Among Most Lenient States Regarding Drunk Driving A recent study by WalletHub.com found Maryland to be far more lenient than Virginia when it comes to policing DUIs and DWIs on its roads. And if the study proved anything to residents in this area, it’s this: A short distance can make a tremendous impact when […]

19 Jun 2015

Parallel Parking Removed from Maryland’s Driver Test

Maryland Removes Parallel Parking from Driver’s License Test The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration officially removed parallel parking as a required test element on the driver’s license test on a statewide basis. A MVA spokesperson said, “the administration determined that completing a two-point turn and backing up are similar enough to parallel parking to eliminate the parking element […]

18 Jun 2015

Important Maryland traffic laws to remember for the summer

Important Maryland traffic laws to remember for the summer MARYLAND – Tens of thousands of people are expected to travel to Maryland this summer. This is why state police are reminding drivers about important traffic laws to keep our highways safe. Police first mentioned seat belts. Authorities say everyone must buckle up.  Secondly, law enforcement […]

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