Do Your Own Divorce

An uncontested divorce in Maryland means that both spouses agree on all the key terms of the divorce, including but not limited to:

-Child custody and visitation, including where your children will live
-Child support, health and dental insurance, and medical expenses for the children
-Tax deductions and exemptions
-Division of the marital assets and debts
-Alimony, and
-Any other disputes involving the marriage.

In Maryland if you or your spouse disagrees about any of these items, your divorce will be considered a contested divorce and it will have to go to trial.

The mere thought of divorce summons up frightful visions: terrible arguments, taking time off work for court hearings, and attorney’s fees that seem to creep higher and higher as the days pass. But that’s the worst case scenario. If you and your spouse are able to be civil with each other, there’s a good chance you can settle the issues and get an uncontested divorce and do it yourself with a Do It Yourself Divorce Kit.

We will prepare a customized divorce package for you, complete with step-by-step instructions, for $299.

Divorce documents and papers

To get a divorce you need to prepare divorce documents. These documents are called “Pleadings”. One spouse asks the court for a divorce through a pleading referred to as “Complaint”. The other spouse responds to the Complaint through a pleading called an “Answer”.

Other documents may be necessary for your divorce. For example, if you need a translator, then you need to file a form requesting a translator. The Complaint and Answer should be filed together along with another pleading called a “Joint Request for Hearing”. Once these pleadings are filed with the Court, a hearing will be set. A filing fee must be paid to the court when the pleadings are filed.

Answer the following questions and we will prepare a customized divorce package just for you. Your package will contain the pleadings necessary for you to get a divorce. We will provide you with step-by-step written directions that instruct you what you need to do to be prepared to get your divorce. You will know what documents are needed and how to proceed. After the Court receives and processes your documents, you will be assigned a court date. The date is usually about 4 – 8 weeks later. You will be notified by mail.

We can arrange for your divorce to be conducted privately at a State authorized examiner’s office in less than two weeks. We will file your pleadings, schedule your divorce hearing, prepare you for the divorce, and accompany you through the hearing process. You can be assured that nothing will go wrong and you will get your divorce. A hearing examiner is a person authorized by the State of Maryland to conduct divorce hearings.

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