Driving Offenses

Drinking and driving offenses are taken very seriously in Maryland.  The consequences range from a suspended license to incarceration.  Knowing what to do is critical to obtaining the best possible outcome.  If you have been arrested for a drinking and driving offense, you need advice.

There are a lot of proactive activities that a person accused of driving while intoxicated can undertake that will insure the best possible results.  These activities are crucial to your representation in both the administrative and criminal processes.  Only through effective representation will you minimize the likelihood of license suspension or revocation. Since we all depend on our ability to drive to get to work, to go grocery shopping, or to the bank, it is important to be proactive and protect your license.  If you are facing driving offense charges, we will work hard to protect your driving privileges. We will aggressively defend your rights in District Court if you have been charged with any of these driving offenses:

DWI (driving while intoxicated)

Driving without a license

Driving uninsured

Negligent driving

These are serious charges, and they can affect your future. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to find out how we can protect your rights in District Court.

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