Child Custody

The most emotionally charged issues in a divorce are those involving children.  It is critically important that the parties make their best efforts to work together and reach agreements on matters like how much time the children will spend with each parent and which parent will be responsible for making the important decisions in the future.  These agreements can be hard to reach even inside a healthy marriage, but when parents are engaged in a stressful divorce, these matters become difficult, if not impossible to negotiate.


Legal custody gives one parent decision making authority.  Residential custody is where the children will live.

Legal Custody

If the court believes that the parties are able to work together and reach decisions in the best interest of the children, then the court will award Joint Legal Custody.  Conversely, if the court does not believe that the parties can work together and reach joint decisions that are in the best interest of the children, then the court will award one of the parents Sole Legal Custody.  Legal Custody covers decisions involving health, education, and religious training.

Residential Custody

Residential custody is also called physical custody.  It is the access schedule or a child custody visitation schedule that the children will follow.  For example, if one parent is awarded Primary Residential Custody, the other parent may have alternating weekends, and perhaps a mid-week visit with the children.  Parents may equally share physical custody.  Some examples of a shared custody schedule would be alternating weeks, or a split week.

Custody litigation is often the most costly part of a divorce.  It can involve an child custody attorney for your children, mental health professionals, and countless hours of legal consultation for each parent.  Parents who are able to put their feelings aside, and make decisions that are child-centered are most likely to avoid these bitter disputes.

Changing a child support order

There is a provision for changing or modifying a child support order in Maryland. You can request for a review of the order and if the court is convinced that indeed there has been a considerable change in circumstances surrounding your case, then an adjustment can be made on the payments. This may be due to a change in the custodial parent’s income and the availability of a life insurance policy, among other circumstances.

In conclusion, the entire divorce process and child support entails many legal technicalities. It is therefore necessary to hire a reputable divorce attorney or child custody lawyer to ensure fair representation and protection of your rights.

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