15 Dec 2017

How to change your name legally after divorce?

Many people after getting married that change their names understandably and need to change their names after a divorce. This article gives tips and insights on legally changing your name after a divorce.

You may be considering changing your name for any number of reasons perhaps you are getting married or divorced, or maybe you just need a name that suits you better. Whatever the reason, changing your name is a pretty simple process in most places.

Legally Changing your Name after Your Divorce

Many people, who choose for a voluntary name change after marriage, would like to change their names after a divorce. for example, when she got married, Jennifer had changed her husband’s surname ‘Francis’ to replace her original surname “Lewis.” After her divorce, she needs to change her name again to Jennifer Perry; fair enough. But, the process of legal name change after the divorce has some predefined steps which have to be adhered to get something undertaken.

This legal changing of name after divorce differs from the jurisdiction. While it’s pretty helpful in some states to request the court judge (divorce) to start a formal declaration, or order, to restore your earliest name, the method may be cumbersome one in others. If the divorce is finalized and contains a court order relevant for your name change, then there’s very little that’s left to do.

Just get hold of the certified copy of your court order to serve as evidence for the legal restoration of your name. The copy of court order is sufficient for getting your maiden name back for your bank accounts, identity cards, magazine subscriptions, and all other files that necessitate a legal name change after divorce. In fact, with the court order in your hand, you may make the name change in just about any documents, IDs, bank accounts, etc. as you want.

Does it Cost to Change Name Legally after Divorce?

This would depend upon the content of your divorce decree. If things aren’t the way you need them to be, all which you would want to do is arrange a certified copy of your order with the legal name change requirement inserted by the judge. You could or might not should pay anything extra for getting this done. Also, you can like to check up the costs with a clerk associated with the court where your divorce was filed and get a simpler alternative.

Is your Divorce Complicated?

If you are going through complicated divorce procedures, you have to know the divorce laws in your state.  Also, complete knowledge about the ordinary divorce laws will facilitate the legal name change process after divorce once the decree is passed. If you are attempting to change your name, a lawyer can be a crucial asset in helping you through the process. A family law lawyer in your area can look over your case free of charge and offer you with the confidence you want going forward.

In case, you’re going through hard times with your name change, and you can need to searching for professional assistance in the form of a lawyer to hasten the process in the desired direction. Your attorney, if chosen after all due research and care, could prove to be a vital asset in the complete legal name changing process. While a family law attorney may look over your case free of charge, you may dish out the charges to other lawyers as per the prevailing rates in your city or town. But then, with the proper levels of experience and expertise in place, you can look forward to getting the best possible assistance for your legal name change after divorce.

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