27 Jan 2016

Is Divorce a New Beginning or an Ending?

…Or can it be both? For me, so many years ago, my divorce was exactly that. An ending to a not-so-great marriage but simultaneously was a new beginning — a fresh start — to creating the kind of life that I really wanted to have for myself. I could finally live my life on my own terms.

When people consider this question, I believe it depends on where they are and how they feel about their impending divorce. For many people, it’s the end of a dream and a future with someone that they wholeheartedly believed they would grow old together with. And, for many people, the new beginning part doesn’t come until a significant amount of time has passed.

One way to look at it? Although it is the ending of your marriage, it is not the ending of everything. A divorce does not have to define you (and shouldn’t) and limit you to the person that you think you are unless you allow it to. By focusing on you, what you need, and what your family needs, you will be able to get through your divorce and end up on the other side. Often there are nuggets of opportunity that are hiding in plain sight if we just take a step back and refocus.

How can you let it be a new beginning?

Find peace. This takes time and often begins with the acknowledgement of what has happened — to you and your family — along with the ultimate ripple effects that divorce has on your life. Listen to your intuition.

Discover new dreams. So often we discover that, while divorcing, you may actually find that the dreams you had about your future as your younger self are not as bound up with, or dependent upon, your being in a marriage or relationship as you first thought. You’ll discover a new set of dreams that have been gathering in the background of your life but haven’t had a chance to come into focus because your attention has been focused elsewhere.

A fresh start. A fresh start can mean many things. New goals, unbound freedom, room to explore. Despite the difficult path that divorce takes you down, your personal journey through self-rediscovery can be both painful and promising.

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