10 Jul 2015

Maryland Among Most Lenient States Regarding Drunk Driving

Maryland Among Most Lenient States Regarding Drunk Driving

A recent study by WalletHub.com found Maryland to be far more lenient than Virginia when it comes to policing DUIs and DWIs on its roads.

And if the study proved anything to residents in this area, it’s this: A short distance can make a tremendous impact when it comes to penalizing alcohol-impaired drivers.

On WalletHub’s final list, which ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia from 1-51, the state of Maryland ranked No. 47 in the country. D.C. was found to be even more lenient, ranking 50th on the list with more leniency than every state except South Dakota.

Virginia, meanwhile, ranked No. 8, meaning it is actually the eighth-strictest state in the nation.

WalletHub found Maryland to have the second-weakest penalties in the country and only the 32nd best DUI prevention rate. D.C. wasn’t much better, ranking 31st in harshest penalties and 50th in prevention. To contrast, Virginia boasted the ninth-harshest DUI penalties and the 13th best DUI prevention rate in the country.

But those are just numbers. What truly matters is how those numbers were derived.

WalletHub analyzed a number of variables — including minimum jail time for first and/or second offenses, the point at which a DUI becomes an automatic felony, how long a license can be suspended following a DUI, if and when an ignition interlock becomes mandatory, how much states will charge in fines and whether or not a state uses sobriety checkpoints — to help determine the strictness or leniency of a given state.

To read the rest of the article click the link: http://bit.ly/1JU2Gsa

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