23 Jun 2015

Maryland law grants students social media privacy rights

Maryland law grants students social media privacy rights.

Beginning this week, Maryland — the same state that passed the country’s first social media privacy protection bill for employees nearly three years ago — will extend similar rights to prospective and current students attending college in the state.

Maryland Senate Bill 210, which went into effect Monday, June 1, 2015, makes it illegal for colleges and universities in Maryland to demand or require access to students’ social media accounts. It also protects colleges from legal liability over students’ online speech and grants students legal grounds to sue a college or university for violation of any mandates, according to the Student Press Law Center.

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Bradley Shear, a social media privacy lawyer who advocated for the legislation, told officials at the Student Press Law Center about the motion before it was enacted in May.

“This bill is not intended to protect people from saying or doing dumb things online,” Shear said. “It’s designed to ensure that they have the same privacy protections that they have in the physical space but in the digital space.”

To read the rest of the article click the link: http://usat.ly/1BzuDSS


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