03 Nov 2015

New Maryland Laws Go Into Effect October 1

New Maryland Laws Go Into Effect October 1


No wait period for couples who want to divorce, penalties for people burying bodies, higher speed limit and other laws take effect.


Criminal expungement (SB0651): A new law will allow people convicted of crimes to petition for expungement, or obliterate it from their record, if the act is no longer considered a crime in the state. This could include people who have been charged with possession of small amounts of marijuana, which was decriminalized in 2014. —Erin Serpico


Police body cameras (SB0482): Law enforcement officers will now be allowed to intercept interactions with a body-worn recording or electronic device that is capable of recording audio and video. The law requires any law enforcement officer using these devices to be in uniform or with their badge displayed, making it known that they are a part of law enforcement. Officers using body-worn recording or electronic devices must also notify any individuals being recorded that they are using the device, unless they are in unsafe or prohibiting circumstances. The law requires the Maryland Police Training Commission to develop and publish a policy online available to the public that outlines the use, requirements and restrictions of body-worn cameras by law enforcement officers by Jan. 1, 2016. —Brittany Britto


Medical marijuana and drug paraphernalia (SB0456): This law requires a court to dismiss charges of possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia related to marijuana if the drugs possessed are proven to be needed for medical reasons. The law also requires the individual in possession to have a prescription or an order from a provider in order for the charges to be dismissed. —Brittany Britto


Divorce (SB0472): A new law will allow for a couple to divorce with mutual consent, without a waiting period, if they do not have any children together who are minors. To divorce with mutual consent, the couple must submit a signed and written agreement to the court addressing issues such as alimony and distribution of property, and both parties must be present for the court hearing. —Naomi Eide
… and (HB0165): This law amends the grounds for limited divorce – a legal separation that does not end the marriage. —Ana Mulero


Electronic cigarettes (HB0489): The prohibition against selling, distributing or offering for sale an electronic device to a minor that can be used to deliver nicotine will also include any component for the device or product used to refill or resupply the device. —Ana Mulero


Bicycle and pedestrian priority areas (SB0371): The State Highway Administration will decide whether to designate certain areas within the state bicycle and pedestrian priority areas. This determination will involve collaboration with local governments to see which areas are locally deemed bicycle and pedestrian priority areas in order to be recognized on a state level. Local governments who notified State Highway Administration prior to Sept. 30 will get first priority in the decision-making process of whether the state will determine these bicycle and pedestrian priority areas state-wide. If the local government contacts the State Highway Administration on or after Oct. 1, about their priority areas, the determination will be made within one year of notification. —Brittany Britto


Speed limits (SB0044): The bill increases the maximum speed limit the state can set for Maryland highways from 65 mph to 70 mph. Based on the Maryland Department of Transportation’s research, which examined the speed of 85 percent of drivers on a given road when unaffected by traffic or weather, the raised speed limit should not increase the number of crashes. The information suggested the speed limit has less of an effect on the speed of motorists than the eighty-fifth percentile speed. Gov. Larry Hogan approved the bill in mid-May. —Jacob Bell



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