17 Oct 2016

Domestic Violence & Child Custody Myths: These Beliefs Will Hurt Families More Than Help Them

The reality is that many families face domestic violence and child custody issues. In the United States, the statistics stacking up on beating, abuse and confusion among children have grown alarming. The impact of domestic violence can lead to post-traumatic stress that a child could manifest even in adulthood. Why this problem prevails is partly […]

12 Jul 2016

US panel: Improve child custody rules for military

A national legal panel that works to standardize state laws wants to simplify child custody rules for military service members, whose frequent deployments can leave them without clear legal recourse when family disputes erupt. The Uniform Law Commission, an influential group of some 350 attorneys appointed by all the states, met in Nashville on Wednesday […]

02 Dec 2015

Holiday divorce trends you should know about

Have you ever noticed that January is the busiest time for most divorce lawyers? A reason that many couples put off calling a divorce and child custody plans until after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is to not upset the children during what should normally be a joyous and celebratory time of year. Here we’ll addressed […]

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