15 Jul 2016

6 critical steps to prepare your finances for divorce

The process of getting a divorce often leaves both parties wounded. However, there are a few things you can do right now to ensure that you are financially protected. 1. Gather your financial records The first thing you should do is to collect all of your financial records. Ideally, you will have five years’ worth […]

15 Jun 2016

Keep a Divorce From Killing Your Finances

Divorce is obviously a huge emotional experience for everyone involved, but it also takes a toll financially — often on both spouses. The immediate financial burden occurs due to the separation of the household: As couples split, they often wind up doubling their housing, utility, and other ongoing costs. Then, of course, there is the […]

10 Jun 2016

Why Post-Divorce Finances Are Trickier Than You Think

Most people need help to implement their divorce order properly. After a long, emotionally charged divorce process, you’ve arrive at a final divorce settlement agreement. It seems fair, reasonable and satisfying. You expect to receive what the final judgment states you are due. Brace yourself: Chances are that the steps required to meet the terms […]

27 May 2016

Managing Your Finances When You’re Separated

You’re in limbo. If you and your husband or wife are separated, you may feel like you’re divorced, but you are actually very married. This means that you may be emotionally split from your spouse, and perhaps living in two separate locations, but your money is still likely very much intertwined. And while managing your […]

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