26 Jul 2016

4 Things You’re Likely Doing That Will Eventually Kill Your Marriage

According to renowned marriage therapist John Gottman, there are four behaviors that can reliably predict the end of a marriage — and you’re probably guilty of them. For 40 years, the psychology professor and his team at the Gottman Institute have studied couples’ interactions to determine the key predictors of divorce — or as Gottman […]

23 May 2016

No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage

Three years ago, my husband and I broke up after two decades of marriage. Our path since has been so gentle that we have been the cause of confusion and gossip in our little Colorado mountain town. Both of our cars are often in the driveway, meals are frequently eaten together and logistics make it […]

11 Feb 2016

Whatever You Do, Don’t Say ‘Divorce Is Not An Option’

It’s likely you’ve overheard a friend say something to this effect: “Divorce is not an option.” But the truth is, no one goes into marriage with the intention of splitting up. At best, the statement is naive — at worst, it’s a little offensive. While staying married is certainly a worthy goal, sometimes — in cases […]

14 Dec 2015

How to Make Your Divorce as Expensive as Possible

Over the years I have heard from countless people who would immediately divorce if it weren’t for fear of financial ruin. I won’t sugar coat it. The amount of money it takes to support two households after divorce is always going to be higher than the amount of money it takes to support one during a […]

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