20 Sep 2016

Peggy Qinn

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Alice Pare saved my life and my daughters back in 2006/2007 when I decided to divorce my husband of 20 years. Alice was fantastic in her counseling, availability, reasoning, and court presentation. My case became very involved as money and child custody battles erupted as part of the divorce. Alice was fantastic in court, in her office and even gave me her cell phone for emergencies because I ultimately became such a needy client. Alice was always there for me, was well-known in county court and had the ultimate respect of the judges and other lawyers. Alice made a completely horrible divorce situation as best as it could be given my horrible circumstances. I am sure that I would have been a real mess had I not been working with Alice. The best compliment for Alice came from the “other side of the aisle”–my ex- husband told my daughters that “I had a fantastic lawyer (Alice), and much better than the one he had!” A little bit funny, but so very true! My life would be totally different today had I not had Alice as my divorce attorney.

Peggy Qinn September 20, 2016

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