19 Sep 2016

Tyrone Vernon

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Where should I start? My life would not be as it is now without Ms.Pare. Several years ago when I began a very long divorce and custody battle, probably the worst that anyone really wants to talk about, especially in a review. But if my testimony can help some one find Ms. Pare, it is well worth it. Without going in to specific details, I was faced with the most difficult challenges. I witnessed Ms. Pare in the court room several times, and I mean several. We (because we were a team), survived and, or won most of our battles, and for me as a single father of a daughter, I never would have expected the results that Ms. Pare fought for, and won! I am with my daughter every day of her life and first and foremost I thank GOD, and Ms. Pare is certainly next! Ms. Pare is tough, patient, understanding, and she is a very family-oriented attorney.

Tyrone Vernon September 19, 2016

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