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I highly recommend the Law Office of Alice Pare. Alice and her staff are professional, compassionate, and honest. Alice assisted me with a domestic violence/divorce case. Alice guided me through the most difficult time in my life and for that, I am forever grateful to her.

Denise Creger September 20, 2016

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There is definitely not a single word to describe Ms. Pare – she is loyal, dedicated, and honest. She is an amazing strategist with the integrity of none other while personally embracing the facts of the case. Ms. Pare most importantly is the best legal and personal adviser one could ever hope to find in an attorney. I highly recommend listening to and embracing her advice (even if you have to swallow hard!). She will point you in the right, moral, and fair approach for your children’s benefit. Ms. Pare picked up my divorce case, which has a case history longer than any criminal facing death row (no kidding!) after I finally decided to let go of my first attorney. In 7 continuous years of litigation (because my ex-wife refused to settle on any issue), I only convinced the court twice to rule in my favor (These were both under the direction of Ms. Pare). These two rulings were huge. I now have an ex-wife who is behaving and cooperating solely because of Ms. Pare and her strategic legal approach. The second ruling in my favor was over child support modifications after I was laid off from my job of 10 years and then started my own business. My start up struggled in the beginning as most start up companies, but I was making $30,000 – $40,000 dollars a year. However, my ex-wife decided to file a suit against me saying that I was “voluntarily impoverished”. Yes, believe it or not the State of Maryland has a law that says if you make less money judges can input the salary they believe you should be making based on past jobs and education! Alice was absolutely BRILLIANT during the court hearing and the judge ruled in my favor. In seven years, I have been in court every single year sometimes multiple times for just about everything you can think of that could happen in a divorce and custody case. Ms. Pare changed my life and the lives of my children. If you are thinking about hiring an attorney, you will be missing the boat if you pass on Ms. Pare. She is worth every hour!

Eddie Thomas September 20, 2016

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One year after moving into my house, it seemed as though everything was going wrong. Particularly where my finances were concerned. The heating/air conditioning unit broke; I found myself needing another vehicle which meant a car payment; and my student loan kicked in. And if this wasn’t enough, my contracting job of 4-1/2 years was becoming very uncertain. After reading an article in the Gazette, I decided to contact Attorney Pare-Johnson’s office to weigh my options. Her fee was very reasonable. She worked with me and together we devised a plan to get my finances back on track. Attorney Pare-Johnson helped me through a very difficult time. Thank you.

Barbara Hardy September 20, 2016

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I first went to Alice for a custody case involving my son. Before our case could go to trial, my son’s father abducted him to Turkey. No child had ever been legally returned from there to the US. But Alice got my son back! It was a tremendous legal and diplomatic battle and Alice had to involve the FBI. the State Department, and members of Congress. She has spent an incredible number of hours working on my case to get my son back and to keep him safe since his return. My son would have been lost to me forever if it weren’t for Alice. I’ve found her to be extremely helpful, caring and knowledgable. She’s given me great advice over the years, and she really fights for your rights. She’s been invaluable!

Sharon Roosevelt September 20, 2016

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Alice Pare saved my life and my daughters back in 2006/2007 when I decided to divorce my husband of 20 years. Alice was fantastic in her counseling, availability, reasoning, and court presentation. My case became very involved as money and child custody battles erupted as part of the divorce. Alice was fantastic in court, in her office and even gave me her cell phone for emergencies because I ultimately became such a needy client. Alice was always there for me, was well-known in county court and had the ultimate respect of the judges and other lawyers. Alice made a completely horrible divorce situation as best as it could be given my horrible circumstances. I am sure that I would have been a real mess had I not been working with Alice. The best compliment for Alice came from the “other side of the aisle”–my ex- husband told my daughters that “I had a fantastic lawyer (Alice), and much better than the one he had!” A little bit funny, but so very true! My life would be totally different today had I not had Alice as my divorce attorney.

Peggy Qinn September 20, 2016

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Where should I start? My life would not be as it is now without Ms.Pare. Several years ago when I began a very long divorce and custody battle, probably the worst that anyone really wants to talk about, especially in a review. But if my testimony can help some one find Ms. Pare, it is well worth it. Without going in to specific details, I was faced with the most difficult challenges. I witnessed Ms. Pare in the court room several times, and I mean several. We (because we were a team), survived and, or won most of our battles, and for me as a single father of a daughter, I never would have expected the results that Ms. Pare fought for, and won! I am with my daughter every day of her life and first and foremost I thank GOD, and Ms. Pare is certainly next! Ms. Pare is tough, patient, understanding, and she is a very family-oriented attorney.

Tyrone Vernon September 19, 2016

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