16 Dec 2016

Tough Drunk-Driving Law Takes Effect in Maryland

A tough drunk-driving law that took effect in Maryland today requires those convicted of DUI to use in-vehicle breathalyzers.

Under the state’s Drunk Driving Reduction Act of 2016, anyone convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol is required to have an ignition interlock installed in his or her vehicle. The device prevents a vehicle from starting when it detects a certain level of alcohol in the driver’s breath and then requires the motorist to retest at random points while they are on the road, according to state officials.

The legislation was nicknamed “Noah’s Law” in honor of Montgomery County police officer Noah Leotta, who was killed when a repeat drunk-driving offender crashed into him during a traffic stop in December 2015.

“We never called it Noah’s Bill, we always called it Noah’s Law. We did because we knew it had to pass,” Maryland Sen. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat, said at a news conference Friday, according to ABC affiliate WJLA. “In some sense, we owe you an apology because if we had managed to get this done before, it might have saved Noah’s life.”

In the last five years, impaired drivers have been involved in roughly one third of all roadway deaths in Maryland, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. On average in each of those five years, the state had 7,884 crashes involving impaired driving, leading to 171 deaths and 4,026 injuries each year.


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