01 Feb 2018

What does Family Law Cover? Why hire a Family Law Lawyer?

Family law is an area of the law that deals with legal issues involving family relationships and domestic affairs. Family Law subjects include divorce, alimony and child custody. It also deals explicitly with child adoption, guardianship, child protection and domestic violence.

What does the Family Law Cover

The family law attorney can handle any legal matters associated with family relations. The problems could be issues of divorce, child custody, alimony, and property division. Most of the people think that family law comes into the act after the marriage, but it can also be used before the wedding.

1. Divorce issues:

Family Law mainly deals with the divorce issues between couples. Family Law attorneys typically are skilled at dividing marital property, calculating spousal support, and proposing a plan for child custody after the couples have planned for a divorce.

2. Prenuptial agreements :

The Prenups are made before the marriage. The Family Law attorney makes These agreements. The agreements protect the rights of individuals at the time of divorce. Not just a “plan for divorce,” these documents can strengthen a marriage. When the attorney is preparing the prenup agreements, both the parties are to be present. Couples can discuss, negotiate on the issues put up in contracts.

3. Child Custody issues :

Family Law Lawyer has a crucial role to play at the time of child custody case. If the couples come to an agreement of child custody outside the court, then the court will honor the deal and allow the couples to follow the deal. If there is no agreement, then the court has all rights to deal with the child custody. The child custody mainly depends on issues like parent’s ability to provide, the health of the parents and also the preference of children.

4. Adoption of children :

Adoption of a child has many legal requirements. A family lawyer can handle all the legal issues in child adoption cases. Family law attorneys handle both agency and private (independent) adoptions, including stepparent adoptions and adoptions of a family member. The family law makes sure that is the details are present to make the adoption more comfortable and also make the families come together fastly. When a parent is in a situation of not able to take care of children, then appoint guardians. A legal guardianship often formalizes an existing relationship between a child and a caretaker.

5. Alimony issues:

A Family Law attorney will be able to handle the alimony issues after divorce. In fact, the alimony is decided in the court only. If you have unfortunately taken divorce from your ex-spouse, there is full right for you to demand alimony. Family Law attorney will look into the proceedings of the Alimony. Maintenance that you get might be a Lump-sum or monthly base. Discuss with your lawyer and decide on the alimony type.

Why hire a Family Law Lawyer in Maryland

Family issues can be conceptual, and the laws regarding families are often confusing. Most of the lawyers cannot handle the family issues. An experienced family law attorney only can handle the situations. Family lawyers can handle legal matters that involve your family members, including unions, disputes, split-ups, negotiations, and lawsuits.

Situations where you need a Family Law Attorney

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce issues
  • Property settlements
  • Alimony
  • Child Abuse
  • Spouse Abuse
  • Child custody after separation
  • Child Adoption

If you are facing any legal issues related to Family Law, please consult our experienced Family Law Attorney Alice Pare in Maryland or call 301-515-1190 to set up a free primary consultation.

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  • It’s interesting to have learned that adoption is also handled by family attorneys as it may require a lot of legal requirements as you have mentioned. That surely will be helpful as my partner and I are planning on adopting a child one day when we are ready. Hopefully, with the help of the family law attorney, adopting won’t be such a struggle for us anymore. Thanks!

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