31 Jan 2018

What Not to Do During a Child Custody Battle

When it comes to divorce, there are many emotional issues linked. Its very hard to keep a clear head, manage the changes in your life, protect your children and still make the right decisions. Things get hard for you and your family when you get into custody arguments. Be sure to avoid all the custody binding traps to get the best outcome for you and your children. So, Know here what not to do during a child custody battle in Maryland.

1. Letting your ex-spouse know your plan in court

One of the mistakes made is letting your ex-spouse know what you are going to talk in the court. Always be careful while speaking to anyone before going to court. Your ex-spouse could know your words. During the child custody battle share your feelings with your lawyer only.

2. Don’t let your emotions drive your decisions

It’s always natural that your emotions would be on a high in this situations. Be careful to control your feelings. Don’t let pressure from others cause you to make choices you could regret in your lifetime.

3. Attempting to speak for your children

Don’t make an impression on the judge that you are the only one you could take care of your children. In the court’s perspective, both the parents are needed for the children. So any attempt at a suggestion that you only are needed by the children might be a negative impact on you. The courts give the children a chance to speak in the court and let them tell their opinion.

4. Disobeying the Court’s Temporary Custody Orders

Disobeying the Court’s temporary order could be the worst mistake to avoid during the child custody battle. Courts often issue temporary interim orders on the physical timeshare of the children and this order will be in place until there is the trial. Disobeying the interim could lead to losing the child custody to the other parent.

5. Displaying your thoughts on Social Media

Nowadays social media is used for everything. These postings are available for all. Do not generate the other parent in the social media or just show your videos of having fun after getting separated. Taking alcohol or drugs might show a severe impact on child custody. The other attorney can use this evidence.

6. Refusing to Co-parent with another party

If a parent cannot agree on joint legal custody, then the judge might think of not interest in the child custody and will give the full custody to another parent.

7. Remaining passive during the trial

Even if you have appointed the best lawyers, don’t be passive in the court. Be active and explain the judge your difficulties in the marriage and the reasons for asking the child custody. Make all the reports available for your lawyer. Make a note of all the proceedings. Collect all the emails, messages that you have received from your ex-spouse after deciding for divorce. Make sure that your attorney has all the evidence against the other party.

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