24 Sep 2015

When Life Forces You To Choose Between Your Husband And Child

When Life Forces You To Choose Between Your Husband And Child


I was a “DINK” (double income no kids) until my late 30’s when I adopted a toddler with massive special needs. A year later, I divorced my alcoholic husband of 18 years because no longer could I care for a special needs child AND an alcoholic. I was a single mother for nearly a decade until I remarried five years ago. My husband and I were barely married when we decided to do what was necessary for our son, regardless of how it impacted us. We bankrupted due to legal fees, but finally won the much needed mental health services our son required. As a result, the progress he has made has been astounding. At this point, however, my husband and I are financially starting over while most our age are looking at retirement. Due to our son’s needs, I am a stay-at-home Mom, which I have found much more difficult than ANY paid job I ever had.


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