26 Oct 2017

How do I get started?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~~ Benjamin Franklin If you are seriously considering divorce, you need to prepare before you begin a conversation with your spouse. This is the time, before you speak to your spouse, to consult with an attorney. In a productive divorce planning consultation, you will explore your […]

26 Oct 2017


“Failing to plan is planning to fail” ~~ Alan Lakein Preparing for a divorce is an intense and involved process. It is critical that you understand your financial wealth and what effect divorce will have on that wealth. Gathering and copying all documents that pertain to assets and savings is critical. You should collect copies […]

24 Oct 2017

Issues Unique to Same Sex Marriages

While the laws governing marriages and divorce are the same whether it is a heterosexual couple or same sex couple. However; several issues are unique to same sex couples, and the resolution to those issues are just beginning to be worked out in the judiciary. The most controversial issues involve custody, and the parents’ rights […]

13 Jul 2017

Legal Custody: Why Does It Matter?

The majority of parents who come through our office are concerned with finding the best physical or residential custody arrangement for their child. Fewer parents consider the importance of legal custody. Physical custody, as you might expect, relates to where the children live. In some situations, parents arrange for joint physical custody, where the children […]

07 Jul 2017

Our Favorite Divorce and Lifestyle Blogs

When you’re going through a divorce, it’s not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but trust us, it’s there. Sometimes, it helps to read about the experiences of people who have gone through a divorce and come out of it happier, healthier, and ready to take on the world. […]

30 Jun 2017

The ‘Travel Ban:’ Terms and Conditions

As most of the country expected, the Supreme Court made a decision on June 26, 2017 to review the injunctions placed on President Trump’s travel ban. Prior to Monday, the travel ban implemented by Executive Orders 13769 and 13780 was temporarily put on hold due to injunctions issued by the lower courts. The Supreme Court’s […]

27 Jun 2017

Is the President’s ‘Travel Ban’ Illegal?

The short answer is: we don’t know yet. President Trump’s ‘travel ban’ is actually the culmination of Executive Order 13769 and Executive Order 13780. Both of these Orders have a number of previsions and the travel ban is just one of many. By and large, the Orders limit immigration, especially for individuals seeking asylum or […]

21 Jun 2017

What Not to Do Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy should not be a quick or easy decision. Most of our clients seriously considered the benefits and repercussions of filing long before they even stepped into our office. It’s a slow process, one that often involves months of debt management and financial reorganization. If you’re in the planning stages of bankruptcy, you […]

12 Jun 2017

The Maryland Dream Act

The DREAM Act was first suggested in 2001 in an attempt to help young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. before the age of 16 attain higher education despite their immigration status. This is a more common problem than many Americans might think. Children who have been raised in the U.S. for most of […]

27 Feb 2017

Triple talaq: India’s battle against three words that grant instant divorce

With just three words, Farha, a 30-year old woman from the northern Indian city of Jaipur, became a single mother of three young children. Farha’s husband instantly divorced her last year by saying “talaq, talaq, talaq” in a fit of anger after their 10-year-old daughter had asked him for five rupees (seven cents) to buy […]

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