18 Jan 2018

How Will Bankruptcy Affect your Credit Score?

Clients are continually worried about their credit score. It isn’t uncommon for the question “How will bankruptcy affect my credit score?” to be the primary element that comes out of someone’s mouth after they take into account bankruptcy as an alternative. Even though bankruptcy does have an impact on your credit, the effect won’t be […]

17 Jan 2018

Differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy protection can provide people who are struggling with enormous debt a way to move forward of their lives, free from worrying about harassing creditor calls and threats of repossession or foreclosures. However, there are critical differences among the numerous kinds of bankruptcy that debtors may be able to pursue, of which the most commonplace […]

04 Jan 2018

Checklist of Documents for your First Divorce Meeting

If it is your first meeting with your divorce lawyer, you probably have these three reasons. The first and foremost is that you are very unhappy in your marriage but know very little about divorce. You need to gather some necessary information so you can make educated decisions about preserving or ending your marriage. You […]

03 Jan 2018

Mutual Consent Divorce in Maryland

Many couples going through a divorce in Maryland are aware of the new law that took effect this past year that permits people to obtain a divorce on the grounds of mutual consent. The benefit of the new law is that people not separated for at least one year before filing for an absolute divorce […]

01 Jan 2018

Types of Child Custody in Maryland

Child Custody laws are essential for all co-parents to be familiar with when going through a custody case themselves. The rules and regulations which are specific to the state you live in can be slightly different from those of other States. Maryland child custody laws are unique in some aspects, making it that much more […]

31 Dec 2017

How Maryland’s Marital Property Laws can affect you?

Marital property in Maryland is divided based on the “law of equitable distribution“. The law says that you can or can not get hold of 50 percent of the property you and your spouse received during your marriage. However, you may divide everything same by agreement, and the court will honor that. But if you […]

30 Dec 2017

3 Important Steps to follow for a Happy Divorce

“Divorce” and “Happy” are typically not phrases which you see together. A divorce can be a very time-consuming, stressful and expensive long process, and none of those words are usually associated with ease. For many couples, divorce is also an argumentative time that includes ugliness and fighting. However, for others, the decision to divorce is […]

28 Dec 2017

3 Types of Alimony In Maryland

In the Maryland state, married couples have an economic responsibility to each other. The law says that one spouse has to assist the other financially and vice versa. This obligation exists even though the couple separates and stays just excused after the final divorce decree. Before 1980, in Maryland alimony law was decided by an […]

21 Dec 2017

How does Child Custody Laws work in Maryland

When parents get divorced, both the parents or the court have to decide that parent will receive custody of the children. Unless custody is split equally, that is known as “joint custody,” one parent will become the “custodial” parent, that means the parent with whom the children will stay. However, in most situations, the non-custodial […]

15 Dec 2017

How to change your name legally after divorce?

Many people after getting married that change their names understandably and need to change their names after a divorce. This article gives tips and insights on legally changing your name after a divorce. You may be considering changing your name for any number of reasons perhaps you are getting married or divorced, or maybe you […]

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