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Divorce is devastating both emotionally and financially. Every aspect of your life is impacted.  Typically divorce is caused by a breakdown in the relationship between the spouses, and the ability to reason with your spouse is compromised by the arguing.  These circumstances propel people into litigation.  Ms. Paré explains to her clients what the likely results of the divorce will be.  After exploring the likely results, the alternatives are considered and goals are established.  The emphasis during this process is to avoid litigation if at all possible.  After the goals in the separation and divorce have been identified, then the approach to achieve the goals is decided.  Through this process, many clients have been spared from potentially disastrous divorces.  If you are considering divorce, and would like to discuss the possible benefits and consequences, give us a call at 301.515.1190.

There are Many Considerations That Must be Made Before Proceeding to Divorce
Divorce involves many important, often difficult, decisions. Perhaps the most difficult decision is what will happen to your children.  Concerns about decision making, where the children will live, what will happen to the marital home, are often overwhelming.  The knowledge that your spouse will “freak out” at the thought of dividing the pension can be intimidating.  We are here to help you. We have almost 20 years of experience guiding our clients through the divorce process and these related matters:


You should not make these decisions alone. Perhaps it is more important to have a detailed consultation with an attorney, and develop a strategy before entering into discussions with your spouse.  This approach best insures amicably reaching a well-reasoned settlement agreement, sparing the spouses from destructive litigation, and preserving the marital assets for the family rather than paying exorbitant legal fees. Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation with an experienced local divorce attorney.

Achieving Your Goals in Divorce
Every divorce is different. Your divorce attorney should understand your financial and emotional needs and objectives. Attorney Alice Paré has helped members of the Germantown community with their family law concerns for almost 20 years. We will listen to your concerns and help you understand your rights. We will work with you to make decisions that protect your interests in divorce.

Divorce in Maryland
Maryland has multiple grounds of divorce. We will recommend the divorce option that fits your situation. In most situations, uncontested divorce is the least costly, both emotionally and financially. If you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce, you will not need to go through time-consuming and expensive courtroom litigation. It is only when you and your spouse are unable to reach common grounds that a contested divorce is necessary. At the law office of Alice Pare’, we are prepared to fight for your interests.

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