Is Divorcing a Narcissist Any Different From Any Other Divorce?

Narcissists are seasoned liars who don’t blink an eye when manipulating their spouses and transforming facts to suit their needs and ego. Their behavior can be challenging to deal with in marriage, and it can cause significant complications in a divorce. If you’ve been married to a narcissist and considering a divorce, consult divorce lawyers from a reputable Germantown law firm.

They can advise you about everything you need to know about divorcing a narcissist and how different you can expect the case to be, compared to other divorces. Besides, they will help you prepare for the proceedings so that you have a favorable outcome in the end.

What Factors Should I Consider When Divorcing a Narcissist?

Germantown divorce attorneys with experience in divorce cases involving narcissists will tell you that you must prepare yourself for a tough battle when divorcing one. Narcissism is an actual disease, and affected individuals will do anything to ensure they win over you.

They Take Ruthless Control Over Everything

The essence of a narcissist’s functionality is control. They will do everything they can to manipulate and control the divorce process so that everything favors them. They will want to call the shots and drag the process as long as possible.

Don’t be surprised if your soon-to-be ex-spouse refuses to cooperate to gain an unfair advantage in the divorce. Going to court with aggressive divorce attorneys in Germantown, MD can help you be at ease, as they know how to counter the tactics brought forth by narcissists.

They Will Try to Gaslight You

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse in which the abuser makes you feel crazy and blame you for everything that went wrong. The tactic is the psychological manipulation of someone to destabilize them to a point where they question their sanity.

Once the gaslighter succeeds in their mission, they can convince others of your mental incapability to make decisions. Your ex-spouse can paint you as untrustworthy, unreliable, and incapable of co-parenting or making sound financial decisions.

When divorcing a narcissist with gaslighting tendencies, let skilled divorce lawyers in Germantown represent you so they can fight for your rights. They can shield you against the following:

  • Being in direct communication with your ex-spouse
  • Giving ammunition to your ex-partner by advising you not to get into heated email, text, or social media battles with them
  • Being emotional and trying to defend yourself against the gaslighter as that may only complicate issues

A Narcissist Will Complicate Financial Matters

Money is often a sore issue in narcissist divorces. Your ex-spouse may use unconventional tactics like emptying joint accounts of funds to leave you in a challenging situation. To remain afloat, ensure you:

  • Identify and document all your marital assets, including savings accounts, investment portfolios, and mortgage documents.
  • Continually monitor the joint accounts carefully and look out for unexpected or expensive activity on credit cards in your name.
  • Protect separate property like assets you inherited and keep them separate from marital property.
  • Open a different bank account and start saving money into it to allow you access to cash during the divorce in case your ex-partner tries to block you from accessing the joint accounts.

They Will Use the Children to Fights Against You

Narcissists often have no boundaries and may turn the children against you or use them to manipulate you. They may also try to sabotage the relationship you share with your children. You should take steps to protect yourself and the children from such tactics by:

  • Being careful about what you say to your children about their other parent, even if your ex-partner has managed to turn them against you.
  • Trying to keep things under control for the sake of your children’s stability
  • Documenting everything and keeping a record of your ex’s toxic behavior, including threatening texts and any evidence of parental neglect
  • Notifying your narcissist divorce attorney in Germantown if your ex-spouse threatens you or your children.

If your narcissist ex-partner is becoming a threat to you and the children, your lawyer can help you pursue a protective order to keep you safe and secure as you continue with the divorce proceedings. The abuser will be prohibited from contacting you, entering your home, and coming near those named in the protective order.

If It’s Not in Writing, It Didn’t Happen

When dealing with a narcissist, putting everything in writing is crucial. They can easily deny even the most obvious facts and make you look like a liar while they’re the liar themselves. Consider limiting your email communication, as text can be hard to track when you must accurately record what was said.

If you must communicate with them, keep your responses short and avoid using reactive language. Most importantly, write down what happened and send a version of the events to your ex-partner in the event of verbal or physical interaction.

Tell Your Truth Strategically

Your narcissist ex-spouse will lie to you, the children, the court, and anyone who cares to listen. It’s crucial to be clear and to the point about the facts surrounding your case. Avoid attacking your ex-spouse when responding, as that only plays into their game. Tell your kids the facts as you see them and help them balance out the story, but remember to be authentic.

A Germantown Legal professional Seeing You Through a Difficult Divorce

Divorcing a narcissist can be painful, mainly because they are in it to win and want to call the shots. Your truth and feelings don’t matter; they will do everything to paint a bad picture of you. Don’t fight back alone. Experienced divorce attorneys from a top-rated Germantown law firm can fight for you and support you during this challenging time.

Our lawyers have years of experience helping spouses who are divorcing narcissists. We provide aggressive and effective representation for men whose rights have been violated in Maryland courts to help them have a fresh start. Contact us to schedule a FREE in-depth case assessment.