If you are married and planning your exit, you should speak to an attorney.  An attorney will advise you as to what steps may help you in the ultimate separation and divorce.  For example, if it is possible, you should gather copies of documents regarding what assets you have.  Things like the names of financial institutions and account numbers are useful so you know what assets may be potentially available to you in your new life.

Creating and gathering documentation before you leave, may help avoid a contested divorce and may help prevent the abuser from taking advantage of you.

An attorney can also explain the process to get an order of protection from domestic violence.  Or an attorney can refer you to the resources available in your community to help you navigate out of a domestically violent relationship.

You may need a protective order from domestic violence.  There is information online about how to file for a protective order.  See: https://mdcourts.gov/sites/default/files/court-forms/courtforms/joint/ccdcdvpo001br.pdf/ccdcdvpo001br.pdf

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