How is Divorce Different for Men in Maryland?

Divorce is never easy for anyone, but it can take a toll on men more than women. While divorce laws in Maryland are gender-neutral, sometimes a divorce case can be biased, impacting the court’s final verdict unless a man stands up for his rights. A man can lose his identity through a divorce, as marital status is a critical element of self-identification and how others see him.

If you recently went through a divorce, you’re likely looking for answers on how to heal and cope with the situation. Skilled lawyers from a Germantown law firm provide an overview of the steps to protect yourself from the adverse effects of a divorce.

How Does Divorce Affect Men Mentally?

Divorce affects men mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Divorced men are prone to mental health problems, depression, and substance use. They also are at a higher risk of experiencing health problems like stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension. The death rate among divorced men is also higher than among married men.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms due to divorce, start by realizing that the feelings are normal. The psychological effects of divorce on adults are common. However, the effects are a risk to your health, so it’s important to talk to trusted divorce lawyers in Maryland for counsel on how to cope.

How Can I Manage the Mental and Emotional Effects of a Divorce?

Mental health issues are on the increase, but you can take specific steps to adequately manage your mental health concerns to minimize the emotional impact of divorce:

Make Your Family’s Mental Health a Priority

The implications of divorce are real and expected, affecting the concerned parties psychologically and physically. The effects can be felt by the children involved in the divorce too. The psychological effects can take a toll on the children if you don’t address them soon enough.

If you want your children to live a healthy and happier life on the other side of the divorce, start being proactive about their mental health as soon as possible. One way to do this is to consult skilled divorce attorneys in Maryland to ensure your children’s best interests are well taken care of in the divorce decree.

The post-divorce attorneys can oversee the child’s visitation schedule and help you create a plan for the children to spend equal time with both parents. Divorce should not deny children the chance to spend time and build solid relationships with their parents.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

Grief is a natural reaction to loss. You just lost the life you were used to as a close-knit family. The emotion is not simple and can invoke all sorts of emotional reactions as it unfolds in unpredictable patterns. It can make you move back and forth between numbness, shock, denial, outraged anger, vulnerability, fear, and minimization of the importance of the loss.

Fighting grief is often non-productive, and it’s essential to let yourself process the emotions in a way that occurs naturally to you. It’s not realistic that you work out your grief over a lost marriage in a month or two, so give yourself time.

Look for Divorce Counseling

You may be determined to handle your divorce in the best way possible, but you will sometimes feel resentful, sad, angry, and overwhelmed. Consider seeking the assistance of a professional therapist to help you process and cope with the emotions. Experienced divorce lawyers in Maryland can provide a support system to help you manage.

Seeking divorce counseling allows you to explore new ways to navigate divorce proceedings while keeping your emotions in check. Qualified therapists can help you recognize and break unhealthy thought patterns to deal with the divorce with grace and newfound wisdom.

Divorce counseling sessions may also be beneficial for your children. A reputable Germantown family law firm can refer you to skilled therapists to help your children cope.

Try to Be as Amicable as Possible with Your Former Spouse

Old habits die hard, and avoiding conflict may be tricky when divorcing a narcissist. However, remind yourself that fighting and the need to be right at all times won’t likely do any of you any good.

Take deep breaths and walk away from arguments likely to make you feel worse. Don’t give your ex room to cause drama or trigger strong emotions.

If you need to communicate anything to your ex-spouse, you can do so through your divorce lawyers for men in Germantown. You can also ask your ex-spouse to contact you through your lawyer to avoid annoying each other. A skilled mediator can save you time, money, intense emotions, and frustration.

Remind Yourself That You Still Have a Future

It’s hard to let go of the aspirations, dreams and hopes you shared with your ex-spouse after a divorce. Grieving the loss of the future you hoped to have with your now ex-spouse can make it look like you don’t have a future, but that’s far from the truth. However, remind yourself that you can replace old dreams and aspirations with new ones.

Moving on is the end goal, so you shouldn’t dwell on the negative or over-analyze the situation. Dwelling on anger, regrets, and resentment will rob you of valuable energy to move on.

A Skilled Divorce Attorney Helping You Cope After Divorce

Getting over a divorce can take time, and emotions can take a toll on you. You need to be honest with yourself during this time to accelerate the healing process. Don’t beat yourself too hard over your mistakes or blame yourself for the outcome. Having a sound support system, such as skilled lawyers from a reputable law firm in Germantown, MD, can be a good starting point.

Our divorce lawyers fight for men’s rights and help them through family matters. We know that men have unique needs and perspectives on divorce and child custody. Let us help you fight for your rights and provide the support you need to help you cope. Call Paré & Associates, LLC at (301) 515-1190 to book a session with a compassionate professional.