Getting a divorce is not an easy decision, but if you have come to the realization that your marriage is no longer salvageable, being prepared and taking the right steps before even initiating your divorce can make all the difference. Here are a few things that you may want to do before getting the divorce process started.

In preparation for your divorce, you may want to obtain important documents, including financial statements, tax returns, paystubs, life insurance policies, credit card statements, and any other financial documents that can help you and your attorney understand your marital financial situation.

In addition, if you have limited resources, it may be wise to have enough money saved for at least three months. It is not unusual for a spouse to become bitter about the divorce and cut off your financial resources. You may also want to think about other aspects such as your living situation, whether you will have your own vehicle for transportation, and whether you should apply for your own credit cards. And, of course, contacting an attorney should also be on your priority list.

What Should I Do if I Have Children and I Am Planning to Get a Divorce?

It is recommended to try and remain in possession of your children until you and your spouse have a parenting plan in place. Divorce can be hard on your children, so make sure to keep an open line of communication and help them understand what will happen. You may also want to decide whether you wish to share custody of the kids with your spouse or if you would like to try to fight for sole custody.

What Should I Do if I Am Afraid My Spouse May Retaliate Against Me if I Get a Divorce?

Leaving an abusive partner can be complicated for those involved in a domestic violence situation. Victims of domestic violence may request a protection order for themselves and their children. If you are afraid for your safety, have an exit plan and reach out to an attorney to learn how you can get help from the court.

Why Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney for My Case?

Divorces are often emotionally charged, and it may be hard to think objectively when so much is at stake. By working with a divorce attorney, you will be better equipped to protect your interests while avoiding making big decisions based on emotions. If you are considering a divorce or currently going through one in Germantown, MD, contact Paré & Associates, LLC, to see how we can help. Call Paré & Associates, LLC today at (301) 515-1190 to schedule a free consultation.