You can get a divorce anytime in Maryland– but the process is slow if your spouse and you do not agree. Follow these simple tips to protect yourself legally.

1. Know Your State Laws

While most states allow you to get a divorce when you are expecting a child, some states have strict rules that make the divorce process very late. Before filing for divorce, meet your lawyer and make sure that you fulfill all the requirements and following all the federal laws governing divorce while pregnant in your area.

2. Impact Of Divorce On Custody

In the states that allow you to take a divorce while pregnant, then there would be an impact on parental rights after the baby is born. Laws differ from state to state and can be complex at times. So you and your spouse should agree on the parental rights of the unborn baby. If the agreement is made, your attorney can help you during the divorce process.

3. Go To A Safe Place

If you are feeling unsafe in your marriage and seeking protection for your unborn child, then you need to take the help of local police or women organizations or domestic violence protection center. File a case against your spouse with the local police and share your thoughts with your attorney. Never discuss this with your spouse as there is a problem that all the bank accounts are emptied.

4. Get Support

Getting divorced while you are pregnant can be difficult, and you need to have emotional support. You need to have the support of a person who can stand and support you. Counseling can help you a lot at this time, and as a baby mother, you need to do what is right for your child. If your spouse is the baby’s father, you both have to decide how to raise the child together. Your divorce attorney can also be a great support for you, and an experienced lawyer will know how to apply laws in these unique situations.

Contact Divorce Attorney Now

Getting a divorce while you are pregnant is complicated, and you need to take the help of a professional divorce attorney. We understand that the divorce process is emotional and that it takes time. Being pregnant at the same time can create an additional emotional toll on you.

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