Abusers are usually secretive about their abuse.  Abuse occurs when the victim or victims (like the victim’s children or pets) are alone with the abuser.  Often the abuser will leave marks that are not visible to others.

Victims are often cover their bruises or cuts, they lie to doctors about how they were injured, resulting in there being no evidence of abuse.  People often do not believe victims when they claim that they have been abused because they haven’t seen any injuries.

Think about gathering evidence.  Make sure to document the abuse.  Collect evidence of domestic violence. Convincing evidence may include a personal journal, photos of injuries, a recording of the incidence of violence on the phone, or written apologies from the abuser.  As you are planning your exit confide in a friend about each incident of abuse- your friends can testify to what happened.  Be honest with your doctor and medical providers.

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