Is Divorce Harder for Men than Women?

Divorce is hard for the parties involved, from spouses to children and extended families. However, men often have it worse despite seeming okay and quickly getting into new relationships. If you’re a man going through a divorce, you may want to know how it may impact you mentally and how to manage it.

A lawyer from a Germantown law firm explains that one of the reasons divorce is harder for men is that they’re often on the receiving end. Women initiate divorce more frequently than men, and it may come as a surprise to most men. The surprise and shock take a toll on men’s mental health and well-being in the following ways:

Increased Health Risks

Men have a higher risk of developing mental and physical health problems after a divorce. They are more prone to developing diseases like:

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer

Some of these factors might be interconnected, but the correlating element appears to be divorce-related stressors. It’s challenging to go through the significant changes of having your life uprooted, your finances devastated, and your children taken away without feeling negative.

Germantown divorce attorneys advise that you seek support from the relevant professionals. Your divorce attorney can refer you to therapists who can walk you through this challenging time, helping you process your emotions effectively.

Loss of Identity and Increased Risk of Depression

The dissolution of marriage can significantly affect a man’s trajectory. It changes their status from married, family men to divorced, single men. Depending on the complexities of their divorce, their ex-spouses may deny them child access or visitation rights. Personal relationships may also be adversely affected, leaving men in isolation and no one to share their burdens.

This alteration may cause a man to question their previously held certainties about life. Concerns about financial settlements can increase stress levels. Unfair custody arrangements may also play a role in the development of depression. Skilled divorce attorneys in Germantown can fight for your rights during the divorce proceedings to enhance a favorable outcome and minimize stress.

Unhealthy Substance Abuse

Men deal with many issues when going through a divorce. Unlike women, they lack emotional and psychological support from peers and family members, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. They resort to risky behavior, often in the form of self-medicating tendencies. Once this becomes an ongoing habit, it leads to substance abuse.

Married men have fewer medical and emotional issues compared to divorced men. They seek advice and support from their wives but no longer have this support system when the marriage ends. The only way to numb their emotional pain and trauma and cope with their problems is to indulge in alcohol and drugs, further complicating their issues.

Increased Risk of Suicide

Lack of emotional support is a significant problem for men going through a divorce. They lack someone to turn to for comfort in difficult times and find it difficult to seek professional help. The problem is worse in men with internalize gender stereotypes, such as the idea that seeking support and expressing feelings is feminine behavior.

The unwillingness to seek help makes recovering from the emotional impact of divorce challenging. That’s why many men commit suicide due to post-divorce depression. However, non-depressed men can also be at significant risk of committing suicide.

If you feel you’re at your end due to divorce issues, talk to your attorney in Germantown. They can provide legal support to help you deal with the divorce one issue at a time.

How Can I Take Care of My Mental Health After a Divorce

Losing your marriage is not the end of life, and you can take steps to protect your emotional and mental health through the process. Experienced Germantown divorce attorneys recommend the following tips to get you started:

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Maybe your partner used to plan your meals and schedule your doctor’s appointments before the divorce, but you’re now on your own and missing out on such benefits. It would help to make an effort to take charge of your health and do the following:

  • Eat healthier
  • Exercise more
  • Have regular health benefits
  • Get better sleep

These lifestyle factors are associated with lower depression rates, anxiety, and disease incidents. Once you feel in control of your life, you will be more confident in coping with the loss of your marriage and everything that gave your life meaning before the divorce.

Accept and Express Your Feelings

Find a trusted friend, relative, or mental health professional to talk to about your feelings. Putting your emotions into words can significantly help diffuse stress associated with your divorce. Acknowledging upsetting emotions like anger, fear, humiliation, and sadness when they arise is beneficial.

With the right support system, you can avoid letting your emotions dictate your life. If it helps, talk about the areas of your life you enjoy to stop focusing on the issues that stress you.

An Experienced Men’s Divorce Lawyer Supporting You Through Divorce

Divorce can be devastating, and the emotions can be overwhelming. Without the proper channels to diffuse the feelings, they can affect your health and well-being. Lawyers from a reputable Germantown law firm can provide a support system for the legal aspects of your divorce. They can also refer you to experienced therapists to help you process the negative emotions.

Whatever happens, don’t attempt to get through divorce alone despite what other men think. Our Maryland divorce lawyers can discuss all the factors of your marriage taking an emotional toll on you. We want to help you get through the divorce and rebuild your life afterward. Call Paré & Associates, LLC, at 301-515-1190 to schedule a FREE case assessment.